SPQ Services

A Diverse Set of Technical and Logistical Support Services

When you acquire the services of SPQ Services, you are getting a varied and comprehensive set of tools and solutions to improve your business operations. We can help streamline your technical and logistical processes, bringing your enterprise into the modern era. Our company handles:

Product Supply Chain

1. Procurement

At SPQ Services, we typically work in-house with our procurement planners to improve overall project coordination. This single point of responsibility promotes seamless communication, timely responses to vendors, and predictable turnaround cycles. When such an approach is not an option, we coordinate our procurement activities closely with other firms that the client has selected.

Our proactive approach includes gathering input from all project participants and maintaining constant client-vendor interaction. In combination with our established procedures and specialized tracking software, this method enables us to rapidly create solutions. If you want your projects completed in the best way possible, choose us.

2. Kitting, Packaging, and Material Staging

SPQ Services can receive all the parts of your kitting process. Afterward, we will develop the most efficient method to perform the work. We’ll also design special packaging to hold all of the additional gear that goes out to your end-user. This means they will get one single box with instructions on how to use all of the peripherals.

3. Assembly and Software Updates

Our company has assembly groups that can put together the parts needed to finalize your product. We will also help you make sure that your product is produced and tested near the end of its supply-chain journey before reaching the customer’s hands.

Our full-service capabilities include several value-added services such as wrapping, label application, customized messaging, and subscription activation. We also have the capacity and expertise needed to take on special projects regardless of scope and size. These include:

  • 3209343-512
    Complete Turnkey Installation Services
  • 330867-512
    Picking and Packing for Direct Fulfillment to Your Distribution Center or Customers
  • 3209371-512-3
    Turn Up and Testing
  • End of Life Cycle Material Management Solutions

You’ll be pleased to know that each application is customized to satisfy your unique service requirements and seamlessly interfaces with your existing business processes.

4. On-Demand Supply Replenishment

This program reduces the amount of time it takes you to get back online. With our help, you will no longer need to wait for the failed unit to be sent back for repair. To do so, we will overnight a unit with your image setting installed. You can then ship the failed unit into a pre-addressed, postpaid box and ship it back for evaluation and repair.

The benefits of this program include:

  • Significant Reduction of Customer-Owned Inventory and Capital Cost by Utilizing Our Inventory
  • Best-Cost Procurement With Access to New and Refurbished Equipment
  • Increased Equipment Availability and Delivery Performance
  • Enhanced Utilization of Customers’ Daily Field Returns
  • Live Fulfillment Interface With Customized, Web-Based Activity, Inventory, and Tracking Reporting
5. Refurbishing and Remaking

SPQ Services provides a turnkey supply chain solution, whereby we acquire trade-in, excess, or refurbished assets. The services provided under this solution include the following components:

  • 2305633-512-3
    We receive and process our client’s surplus equipment into our inventory systems as well as a segregated storage location that utilizes a unique product code.
  • 1531914-512
    We re-modify, convert, and refurbish units that exceed your demand and marketing through our sales channel team. This generates a revenue return model based upon a mutually agreed percentage/return.
6. Legacy Product Solutions

We provide comprehensive options to support your long-standing equipment investments. These include a full suite of product solutions that ensure the longevity of traditional mobile and consumer products.

Over the years, we have received plenty of accolades from several clients. This is due to us proposing alternative equipment solutions that enabled their operations to achieve seamless continuity.

Logistics and Express

eShopping, eCollection, and eStorage

We offer flexible supply chain management and warehousing services. Since we are a non-asset-based provider, our programs aren’t influenced by the need to utilize leveraged capacity.

Our agile real estate and implementation capabilities allow us to launch an operation of any size throughout North America. We also have an integrated warehouse management system that enables the centralization of tasks. This covers the tracking of inventory levels as well as stock locations used for inbound and outbound shipments.

International Freight Forward Distribution

Our firm can help you manage the importing and exporting of goods into and out of Asian and North American markets. We can create a streamlined supply chain that makes the delivery of your goods for sale more efficient.

For global manufacturers, we will pick up shipments offshore, load them into containers, and transport them via ocean liners to be delivered to their designated markets. The containers are then picked up at their respective ports of entry and then quickly moved into our wide-ranging logistics network.

Our freight brokers utilize a network of hubs throughout the U.S. and Canada to facilitate the judicious delivery of truckload (TL) as well as less than truckload (LTL) shipments. They have the expertise to properly plan and execute timely and efficient border crossings. You can also rely on them to ensure compliance and expedite shipments into the U.S.

Distribution and Direct Fulfillment

By leveraging our core technical expertise, we were able to set new standards in distribution, fulfillment, and returns processing. Our high-volume distribution facilities can handle bulk shipment and direct fulfillment transactions on behalf of our clients. We take pride in our proven track record of delivering superior levels of service performance in on-time delivery, shipping accuracy, and inventory control.

As a value-added service, we support several direct fulfillment programs on behalf of our clients and partners. This includes product support, invoicing, collection, and electronic data feed.

Returns/Reverse Logistics

Our reverse logistics process will require you to send your returned products to one of our centralized locations. Depending on your needs, we will then refurbish, recycle, dispose of, re-stock, or return your items to the supplier.

We follow a flexible and well-organized returns process that lets clients gain greater control of their inventory management. It also has the added benefit of reducing shipping costs since you no longer need to return failed products to their respective distribution centers.

The features of our reverse logistics solutions include:

  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) Management, Warranty Management
  • Refurbish-Test and Upgrade, Repairs Processing
  • Returned to Usable or Saleable Inventory
  • Returned to the Vendor/OEM
  • Disposal, Salvage Components, and Environmental Compliance

Our returns management system includes the creation and assignment of a reference number used in the return of faulty and/or failed products. It often acts as a work order for repairs, and it can also be used to serve as a reference for credit approvals.

Customer Liaison

SPQ Services excels in customer service efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and fostering brand loyalty. With millions of blogs and review sites available for review, consumer purchasing decisions are influenced more than ever by positive and negative experiences. We have learned that attracting new customers and retaining old ones are needed to ensure the success of any business.

Our customer liaisons team possesses extensive knowledge of your product or service. This enables them to provide quick and accurate information on each support inquiry. All incoming and outgoing messages are recorded and can be easily retrieved to manage chargebacks, return disputes, and analyze the performance of your various teams. In addition, you’ll be pleased to know that our liaisons speak five different languages.