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Hardware experts since 1982 | Mobility pioneers since 2009

We have partnered with numerous industry leaders and help pioneered their product lines through our years and decades.


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Business Machines

1980s marked the beginning of business machines, where we hosted and serviced a wide variety of products - from copiers, fax machines, to Macintosh, and Windows based  personal computers

Early 1990s

Digital Cameras

Transitioning period between the analog age and the digital age. Consumer electronics  ushered in various point-and-shoot cameras, video recorders, and more affordable professional-grade lenses

Mid-Late 1990s

Entertainment Systems

We were among the first service providers on home-entertainment sound systems, and professional digital media equipment – incl. tuners, receivers, amplifiers.

We also supported a variety of car stereo systems and coordinate with leading Japanese car makers as part of the overall supply chain process.

Early 2000s

Sounds Synthesizers and POS / Barcode Printers

With a vast array of experience in the audio business, we begin venture into the assembly and sub-assembly of cinematic synthesizer systems for the movie industry.

We also ventured into the point-of-sale and the restaurant/hospitality industry as part the only  Service Center in the US/Canada for Citizen Systems America.

Mid 2000s

Medical Devices and Specialty Products

We begin to see new and returning customers through a period of mergers and acquisitions.

Return customers such as newly merged Konica Minolta and newly spin-off of Canon Medical Systems, Seiko Instruments all are part of our accomplishments and results that speaks for itself.


Retail Operations

First enterprise data collection peripheral for an Apple iOS device*.  We help serviced all Apple Retail Stores in the US and around the World.

*partnered with Apple in all of their retail locations



First device designed to replace the Workstation On Wheels for the Medical Industry.  Assisted with deployment for some of leading medical providers in the US.



With the greater adoption of chip-cards and EMV standards, we established opportunities with a leading mobile payment manufacturer to help service their mobile payment terminals and eventually their entire after-sale support.


Self-helper Kiosk

The self-kiosk displays all the information the customer seeks and accept secure payment all-in-one device.  We assisted with the sub-assembly and modification process to fit the individual needs of Enterprise clients.  It brings together both the mobile and stationary terminals into reality.


Android Solutions

Partnering with some of the leading Android manufacturers and help established a Service Depot to align with the ever changing needs of Enterprises across the different industries.

Customizable Technical and Logistical Solutions

In today’s global business economy, solutions to problems can often seem like they cover too little or too much. Fortunately, SPQ Services is here to make sure that your specific technical and logistical needs are met. Our comprehensive services can be customized to suit a variety of situations and industries. These include:

Retail Operations

Merchants and other retail enterprises rely on accurate data gathered upon the point of sale. We can provide you with the tools you need to address this need. Aside from that, we also perform installations, maintenance, and replacements of any systems and devices you purchased from us.


For aviation companies, security and efficiency are at the forefront of their operations. We can provide all sorts of technological and logistical solutions, such as gate terminals, ticket scanners, portable scanners, and other electronic equipment. You can also count on us for continued support upon purchase.


It is a must for medical enterprises to be equipped with state-of-the-art technology in order to meet the ever-changing needs of patients. We can supply you with the latest in cutting-edge electronic medical devices. In addition, we also install, repair, and provide post-sale support.


Nowadays, most payments—whether made online or in person—are done so with the use of electronic devices. Ensure that the point of sale data is captured accurately with the help of solutions from SPQ Services. As with our other services, we always provide after-sale support.